11 coffee brewing methods (overview)

Coffee can be brewed in many ways. We call this a coffee brewing method. Each brewing method gives a different taste to the coffee.

But not only that, some coffee beans are specially roasted for a certain brewing method. In addition, the grinding degree of the coffee beans also differs per brewing method. Like the brewing time of the coffee.

1. Coffee maker

A coffee maker device heats water which then drips onto the coffee. The water then slowly sinks through the coffee.

To prevent coffee grounds from ending up in your coffee, use a paper filter to stop it, if it is through the filter it will fall into the coffee pot.

If everything went well, you will have a neat coffee without coffee grounds. If you do something wrong, for example the filter folds in half, the ground will end up in the coffee pot.

When the coffee is ready, you can easily fill several cups with coffee from this pot. With this way of brewing you can make a small number of cups, but also a full pot if you have several visitors.

Step by step guide

1. Fill the water reservoir
2. Put the paper filter in the filter basket (tip: rinse it before you put coffee in it)
3. Add coffee (everyone has their own preference)
4. Put the filter in the quick filter device
5. Turn on the coffee maker device
6. When it’s ready, you can take out the coffee pot and pour in coffee

This has been the most famous way of making coffee for years, before the Keurig pods and Nespresso capsules came on the market.

What most people don’t know is that you can also buy this coffee at specialty coffee shops and are therefore not only dependent on the supermarket coffees.

By using good coffee beans you can make an excellent cup of coffee in this way. You can’t make an espresso with it, for that you have to go to number 2.

2. Espresso machine

You see these more and more in recent years, there is also more and more choice. And most of them are a real eye-catcher in the kitchen. If you have these, there are few people who do not want a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino.

An espresso machine uses pressure to force the water through a coffee puck. As the name suggests, this machine makes an espresso and is not comparable to the coffee we are used to.

An espresso machine alone is not enough, if you really want to get the most out of your coffee beans, a coffee grinder is recommended. Because coffee slowly loses its flavor once it is ground, so it is best to grind just enough coffee just before you start using it.

There are different types of espresso machines available, with different functions, with corresponding price differences.

3. Frenchpress

You probably know this one under another name, namely cafetière. These are the same devices with a different name.

How does Frenchpress work, well it’s pretty simple:

  1. heat the french press (by putting warm water in it and taking it out a little later)
  2. add coffee (good starting point is 30gr or 1.05 ounces on 500ml or 16,91 oz water)
  3. add water (about 94 degrees Celcius or 201.2 degrees Fahrenheit)
  4. stir it together so that all the coffee is wet
  5. let it steep (about 4 minutes)
  6. Remove floating parts (you can also skip)
  7. use the supplied filter to push the ground coffee to the bottom
  8. Let stand for a while before serving

    This is a rough way of working, the grams per ml, degrees of water and brewing time may vary according to your taste.

    Most known French Presses are made of glass in an iron loek holder. These have a steel filter with iron wire twisted around the edge, so to speak.

    But this variant has the disadvantage that it can still get ground coffee in your coffee. Not everyone is a fan of this, so good to know.

    But there are now variants where this filter is many times better. These use a multi-layer filter system with a finer hole and a rubber edge along the edge that seals better against the glass or stainless steel of these french press versions.

    4. Aeropress

    Does it have anything to do with the French press? Yes and no. Yes because both names contain press. No, because it works completely differently except for the press.

    This is an ideal coffee brewing method if you like to play. And by that I mean that you are very flexible in terms of dosage, your grind and the pressure you exert when you make the coffee. So you are super flexible in making coffee.

    The Aeropress uses a paper filter to prevent ground coffee from ending up in your coffee. The device looks simple and you would think it is simple, but there is more possible than you think and this can produce super coffee.

    How does the Aeropress work:

    1. Put the pusher in the brew chamber
    2. put it upside down on a scale if you want to weigh everything exactly, otherwise skip this
    3. add about 12 grams / 0.42 oz of coffee
    4. add 200 ml / 6. 76 oz of hot water
    5. stir gently
    6. leave 30-60 seconds
    7. stir gently again
    8. Place a paper filter in the filter cap
    9. Rinse it out and screw on the aeropress
    10. Quickly but gently invert the Aeropress and place the filter cap on a cup
    11. Gently push the pusher down.

    5. Mocha pot

    Who doesn’t know the cute moka pots you can put on your stove. Most famous brand is Bialetti.

    With the moka pot you make a strong cup of coffee, which is made by using the steam pressure that is created by heating the water at the bottom.

    Contrary to popular belief, it is not made to make espresso. But due to the high temperature, it gives the coffee an intense taste.

    How to use the Mocha pot:

    1. pour water into the lower part of the moka pot
    2. fill the filter with coffee
    3. put a filter on top
    4. place both filter in the lower part
    5. screw the top part on
    6. Place the jar on the stove
    7. Keep an eye on the brewing process and remove the jar from the stove as soon as the coffee starts to bubble
    8. Wait for the bubbles to subside and serve the coffee

    6. Ibrik also called Turkish coffee

    Ibrik or better known as Turkish coffee, not a brewing method that you often see in people’s homes. You can heat this coffee several times, which causes the well-known thick structure to emerge.

    The Ibrik is known by several names such as, Briki, Rakwa, Kanaka, Finjan and Cezve.

    How to make coffee with the Ibrik:

    1. put water in the Ibrik
    2. Bring it to a boil
    3. Remove from heat source
    4. Put coffee in the Ibrik
    5. Stir
    6. Return the Ibrik to the heat source
    7. Heat while stirring. (it starts foaming), it should not boil
    8. Scoop some foam into a cup and carefully pour in some coffee
    9. Let stand and serve
    10. Be careful when your cup is almost empty because there is coffee residue there

    7. Chemex

    Chemex is basically a pour over coffee. It is a brand that is recognizable by its glass jar with bamboo around it where you can easily hold it. It looks beautiful and elegant.

    It is a total concept, normally you need a pot and filter, this is all in one. You only need paper filters that’s it.

    8. Pour over

    Pour over, this is actually a manual quick filter, to put it bluntly. You need a jar, a filter holder and paper filters. And of course a kettle to heat the water.

    How to make a Pour over:

    1. Place the paper filter in the filter holder and rinse the paper filter
    2. Put it on the pot
    3. Put coffee in the filter
    4. Slowly pour water on the coffee until it is completely wet
    5. Let alone
    6. Again, pour water over the coffee in a steady motion until you have used the right amount of water.

    9. Syphon

    Siphon a way of making coffee that you don’t see much. And certainly not at home. At least I haven’t seen him at anyone’s house yet. It’s a nice process to watch. You don’t see this much here either.

    10. Cold drip

    The name says it all cold drip, this coffee is brewed over a long period of time. It is done by means of drops of cold water that drip on the coffee. This slowly becomes saturated and at that moment it drips into another bowl from which you can pour.

    You need a cold drip tower for this, if you don’t have one you could mix coffee and water and leave it in the fridge overnight. You have to sieve this before using it.

    It is not the same as cold drop coffee, but it is easier to make without investment.

    11. Nitro brew

    Is cold coffee that comes out through a kind of beer tap. Cold coffee is put in a keg and Nitro is added. You don’t see it that much here but in some countries you can’t ignore it.

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