3 Best Coffee Makers

The normal coffee maker, I think everyone knows this.  Because in the past you didn’t see much else than a normal coffee maker.

I remember well that I was allowed to open the coffee package for the coffee maker when I was young and then that delicious coffee smell came out.

You can find a coffee maker everywhere for small amounts, but there are also some coffee makers that you cannot purchase for less than $ 150 and one not even for less than $ 845.

Yes, you read that right, you can also buy an espresso machine or a fully automatic machine for that. 
So why these high amounts for a coffee maker?

You make different coffee with it than with an espresso machine or fully automatic machine. In addition, you can quickly make several cups at the same time, which is also very handy when there are visitors.

Having guests over? What is that you will think, well before corona you could just have a lot of people over without any problems. Now that’s in the past for the moment so a one-cup solution can also work 😉 At the moment it is going better so having guests over is great again.

Now back to the topic.

1. Moccamaster

The Moccamaster is made by Technivorm in the Netherlands. Yes, this one is from the Netherlands. And with its starting price of $280, it is the middle of the bunch.

You must think, I know this one from somewhere and that could be right, this model has become known because of Douwe Egberts, a Dutch coffee brand. And has been made for many years.

If you want better coffee, we can certainly recommend the Moccamaster, but one of the others would also be fine.

2. Bonavita coffee maker 5 cups

This one looks a bit simple and cheap black plastic with stainless steel parts. It makes great coffee and is super fast. We will be talking about the five cups but they also make an 8-cup version.

A 5-cup variant will cost you around $150, making it the cheapest of the bunch. The Moccamaster is $130 more expensive.

But for this price, the Bonavita also has a thermos as a pot instead of the glass version of the Moccamaster. I have used both and I like the Moccamaster better, but the Bonavita also makes good coffee.

The advantage it has over the Moccamaster is that it has a thermos and does not use a warming plate.

And as we all know, we prefer not to use a hot plate to keep the coffee warm.

3. Ratio Eight

The Ratio Eight is one of the most expensive coffee makers I’ve found, if not the most expensive. This one costs more than $565 depending on the composition, although it is also available for just $365

I have to say that it is a nice price for a coffee maker, but on the other hand, this is absolutely a nice addition to your kitchen. I think this is the most beautiful I’ve seen so far.

This one also mimics the idea of a pour-over, so it lets the coffee bloom for a while before the rest of the water is added. In addition, it also has a beautiful glass Chemex look coffee pot. Definitely the nicest of the bunch.

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